Dec. 21, 2012 Countdown - Day 21: Experimental Aspects of Scientific GOD

Experimental Aspects of Scientific GOD

As we mentioned earlier, Scientific GOD is about the scientific aspects of GOD both theoretically and experimentally. Today we discuss the experimental aspects of Scientific GOD. Some mystical experiences and laboratory/drug-induced altered states of consciousness such as Persinger's "God Helmet" experiments should also fall within the experimental aspects of Scientific GOD.

It is often said that GOD has three Attributes: Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence. The latter two Attributes require GOD to be everywhere at the same time within Its Creation. The question we ask then is: Is there any experimental evidence/proof of a process or force which allow GOD to be everywhere at the same time? The answer is "yes" but independent experimental verification is needed.

Such process or force is no other than the universal force of gravitation.

The idea of instantaneous gravity is nothing new. Newton’s law of universal gravitation implies instantaneous “action at a distance” which he felt deeply uncomfortable with, but Newton was not able to find a cause of gravity [1]. Later Mach suggested that "[t]he investigator must feel the need of...knowledge of the immediate connections, say, of the masses of the universe…[t]here will hover before him as an ideal insight into the principles of the whole matter, from which accelerated and inertial motions will result in the same way" [2]. Ontologically, Mach’s above suggestion is a form of holism and implies that gravity is relational and instantaneous. It was Einstein who fulfilled Mach’s “relational” suggestion of gravity by inventing general relativity [3]. However, such fulfillment may be at the sacrifice of Mach’s “immediate connections” by assuming that the speed of gravity is the speed of light. However, gravity wave of linearized Einstein's field equation has not been detected.

On the other hand, it has been theorized in [4] that gravity originates from the primordial spin processes in non-spatial and non-temporal prespacetime, is the manifestation of quantum entanglement, and implies genuine instantaneous interconnectedness of all matters in the universe. Thus, the principle of non-local action is advocated. To certain degree, this view is a reductionist expression of Newton’s instantaneous universal gravity and Mach’s Principle with important consequences.

Importantly, it has been found experimentally that the weight of water in a detecting reservoir quantum-entangled with water in a remote reservoir can change against the gravity of its local environment when the latter was remotely manipulated. If independently verified, these experiments demonstrated Newton's instantaneous gravity and Mach's instantaneous connection conjecture and the relationship between gravity and quantum entanglement.

In turn, instantanoeus gravity as quantum entanglement provides scientific evidence in support of GOD's Attributes of Omnipresence and Omniscience.

We end this piece with a poem by Francis Thompson: "All things by immortal power, Near and Far, Hiddenly, To each other linked are, That thou canst not stir a flower Without troubling of a star."


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Written by Huping Hu & Maoxin Wu