Various Proofs of the Existence of GOD & The Nature of Physical Universe: Part 1

The Nature of the Physical Universe (by Peter Kohut): Abstract: The dialectic reason for the division of the whole into its parts is their bipolar nature. There are no differences between parts and connections. All they consist of elementary bipolar connections. Every connection is a part and every part is a network of elementary connections. The elementary part (quantum) is a connection (relation) of two anti-poles and the connection (relation) of anti-poles is an elementary part (quantum). A quantum consisted of two anti-poles - is a quantum dipole that represents both - the part and the connection (relation, join).

Quantum Entanglement, Its Nature and Manifestations (by Peter Kohut): Abstract: Knowing the mutual interconnection of everything with everything, it is no problem to interpret the interactions between the measuring and quantum systems as any other interactions between two or more systems consisting of elementary quantum dipoles. So, all relations between the measuring apparatus and measured quantum objects are only parts of the universal cosmic network of elementary quantum interactions creating the objective physical reality, independent of a human consciousness. But the observer, as a conscious subject, plays an active and creative role in his communication with the micro-world.

New Proofs for the Existence of God (Part II): The Cosmological Applications of the Sesamatic Proof (by Nadeem Haque, M. Muslim): Abstract: The Sesamatic Proof (aka the Relatiological Proof) for the Existence of God presented in Part I can be applied to three cosmological issues: the Big Bang; the Cyclical Universe and ever-existing matter, to prove the existence of God.