A Transdisciplinary Look at Paranthropology: An Emerging Field of Exploration

A Transdisciplinary Look at Paranthropology: An Emerging Field of Exploration (by Iona Miller): Paranthropology: Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal collects the best articles from the first two years of Paranthropology journal's publication. It describes a quiet yet relentless revolution going on within the life and social sciences and arts.

On the Consciousness Mapping of John C. Gowan

A Retrospective Commentary on the Consciousness Mapping of John C. Gowan (by Iona Miller): We can hark back for more than nostaligia to the classic chronicles of the psychedelic revolution. In 1974, creativity expert John C. Gowan published “Development of the Psychedelic Individual: A Psychological Analysis of the Psychedelic State and Its attendant Psychic Powers.” Gowan extracts the philosophical gold from such X-Events or "extreme events".

Extension of the Physical Realm & Reissner's Fiber in Consciousness

Extension of the Physical Realm (by Elemer E. Rosinger): This is a two part paper. The first part, written somewhat earlier, presented standard processes which cannot so easily be accommodated within what are presently considered as physical type realms. The second part further elaborates on that fact.

PSTJ 3(11) Published: Progress in Physics II

Prespacetime Journal has just published Volume 3 Issue 11 entitled "Progress in Physics II":



Does the Sum Rule Hold at the Big Bang? (by Andrew W. Beckwith)

From Fractality of Quantum Mechanics to Bohr-Sommerfeld Quantization of Planetary Orbit Distance (by Victor Christianto)

The Creative & Persecuted Minority

The Creative & Persecuted Minority (Iona Miller, Paul Henrickson): Power lies with convention and truth with the punished individualist. Control of perception is the essence of power. This scenario denies the joy, the real joy, expressed in immediate aesthetic responses. Research results suggest battle lines seem to have been drawn between those who tolerate creative thinking and those who do not. These authors were influenced by the mentorship of creativity experts E. Paul Torrance for Henrickson and John C. Gowan for Miller.


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