Dec. 21, 2012 Countdown - Day 58: A Call to All Men and Women of Science and Religion to Rise Up

A Call to All Men and Women of Science and Religion to Rise Up (by Huping Hu on February 18, 2008)

Summary: In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr., we call all men and women of Science and Religion to rise up in the pursuit of truth.


Dec. 21, 2012 Countdown - Day 59: Oh My Atheist Colleagues in Science

Oh My Atheist Colleagues in Science (by Huping Hu on October 17, 2010)

Oh my atheist colleagues in science: Have you seen the sub-atoms of your body? No, yet you believe that they exist; Have you felt the strong force that holds the sub-atoms together? No, yet you know that they must be there; Have you seen the atoms of a virus invading your body? No, yet you have no doubt that they exist.


Dec. 21, 2012 Countdown - Day 60: God's Scientific Truth Is Marching On!

GOD’S SCIENTIFIC TRUTH IS MARCHING ON - The Marching Hymn of the Scientific GOD Kingdom (by Huping Hu on December 25, 2009)

I’ve dreamed a quantum dream in which I became one with the Almighty: IT revealed to me that IT alone is the Architect, Creator of all that exists; IT creates, sustains all things by ITS imagination, the spin of ITS mind, body; IT causes evolutions of the same by ITS mighty will, love of ITS creations; GOD’s scientific Truth is ready to march on.

Mystical Experience: A Cosmic Insight

A Cosmic Insight (by Robert W. Campbell)

The author describes the first of a series of cosmic experiences that explicitly demonstrated the workings of the Cosmic Order. These awesome visual and experiential insights over a period of years revealed a Universal Methodology that the author calls “The System.”[i] It can complement traditional approaches to the physical, biological and social sciences. Five days of continual organic ecstasy preceded the first cosmic experience.

Reflexive Praxis & More Thoughts on Light

Research by Looking Backwards: Reflexive Praxis in Search of Archaic Wisdom (by Paul Wildman & Iona Miller): Many of us, as researchers, would find it challenging to let our research data speak to us rather that to see it exclusively as part of the methodological categories we have already developed. This article proposes a methodology called 'Reflexive Praxis', a form of action research, to do just this. As 'Action Research', such methodologies remain controversial compared with the more conventional Empirical Research'.


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